Milla Paloniemi

The author and artist behind The Cursing Hedgehog, Milla Paloniemi, born in 1983, is a comic artist, graphic designer, illustator, comics teacher and a pony farmer. She is lives in Finland, in Tampere countryside Teisko. She works mostly at her home at Pony Farm. She owns 6 horses/ponies and 2 cats.

Milla has been drawing comics and making her own comic magazines since early childhood. She does not remember the time when she was NOT telling stories by drawing. Her work has been also published in local magazines (Jalasjärvi) already back then. Paloniemi tells her biggest idol a comic artist Lena Furberg.

Paloniemi studied (after high school in Jalasjärvi) gaphic design in 2003-2007 and after that contemporary arts 2013-2016. She has been a full-time entrepeneur since 2006. She travels  teaching comics in workshops, drawing “power-animal portraits” or “festival-sketches” in different events, performing music or having an exhibition. Milla´s comics have been published in Finland over 30 albums.

Contact: milla(at)
Web store: shop(a)

Other works: Instagram millasartandshit , illustration-portfolio.

Horses: Instagram ponyfarmlife ,, facebook: Ponifarmi