The Cursing Hedgehog

The main character. The most bad tempered one. He lives near the city in a little forest. Under all the spines and curses there is a kind and soft creature - but the softer side only rarely shows up!

The Little One

The opposite of The Cursing Hedgehog. The Little One is a pet hedgehog (African Pygmy Hedgehog) who sometimes visits his wild friend. He is super positive and pirky and cute. He lives in the city with his roommate Antti.

The Girl

The Girl Hedgehog is a bit similar as The Cursing Hedgehog which is why they propably don´t get along that well. Despite all the fights The Girl is still the love of The Hedgehog´s life. You can regodnize The Girl from her absolutely adorable long eyelashes. This Girl is a strong, spiky and hard to please!

The City Hedgehog

As you can conclude from his appearance, The City Hedgehog is really cool guy (well at least he thinks he is)! And as you can conclude from his name, he lives in the city. His ego is huge and his urban spines are sharp. Don´t mess with this creature, dude!

The Grandmom

The Grandmother Hedgehog has lived a long, hard life. You can see it from her spines. She thinks shes too old to keep any tought inside her so she just lets it all out. Even The Cursing Hedgehog goes silent in front of her Grandmom. She is the boss-lady of the hedgehog herd.


The Little One´s best pal and roommate Antti is also a pet hedgehog (an Egyptian Long-Eared Hedgehog). Antti is a bit quiet, a bit shy and a bit simple little creature. But he doesn´t mind. You can recodnize Antti from his beautiful big ears.


This dashing lady is quite new character in a hedgehog herd. We know she lives in the city and is really proud and fearless personality. Liisa also thinks that The City guy is awfully cute with all his trying!